Erik Ross, President

Erik is an engineer with nineteen years of experience, and dedication to the discipline. He has lived all over the country and has been involved in a variety of projects, industries, and disciplines. He holds Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering, and Aeronautical engineering and his specialty is writing code for simulations and analysis of fluids and dynamics and controls. He has also spent time as teaching, and research assistants at University of Nebraska and Notre Dame, and has always had one class going on in the background in order to have access to scholarly articles on the job.

In 1998, Erik wrote code that interfaced with ship systems on research vessels for Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute funded by NROTC, the U.S. Navy’s commissioning program for college students. He served in the Navy and interfaced with both Aviation and Surface Warfare Communities where he was involved in research, design, analysis, and cost reductions. Two of his projects included work on magnetogasdynamic accelerated scramjet engines and a ten million dollar annual cost reduction project dealing with repair schedules in the surface warfare community.

After his military contract was complete, he began consulting at Good Harbor—Techmark where he designed and oversaw the construction of physical security systems and participated in security conscious urban planning. He has written and reviewed Requests for Proposals (RFP); and he has helped clients choose the bid with the most appropriate value. Value added services included prevention of vendor-originated scope creep, advice, and analysis concerning vendor-originated change orders, and enforcement of contracts.

He left Good Harbor—Techmark to return to graduate school and received Master of Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He applied his post-graduate knowledge at Baldwin Filters where he served as a Project Manger for a variety of new products and capabilities.

Although a service-disabled veteran, Erik still engages in is his morning CrossFit workout. Furthermore, he has been donating platelets every two weeks since February 2017 to honor his cousin who died of leukemia, and who donated his body to cancer research both antemortem, and posthumous. Additionally, Ross Consulting U.S., L.L.C. is committed to providing low-margin quotes for hospitals, and other entities in the medical field in remembrance of the late, but not forgotten, Nate Robertson.

At this juncture, Erik’s broad background in technical fields, and project management has burnished him as an engineer that you want on your side.

Engineering Services: Simulations, Design, and Data Science