Rate ($/hr)
Computer Aided Design $300.00
Pre-Processing $300.00
Coding Writing $300.00
Post-Processing $300.00
Report Writing $300.00
MicroStrategy Development $300.00

Actual computational times for simulations are prorated to the tenth of an hour, and are based on pre-negotiated rates with our vendors. A proposal includes an estimate of computational resources. A deposit, and a signature are required to accept work.

Ross Consulting U.S., L.L.C. can send invoices from Square® which is a point of sale system that takes all major forms of payments. All deliverables can be sent via a 256-bit SSL-Secured email. All services, sales, and acquisitions are final after paid invoice.

For travel, please see Per Diem Lodging, and M&IE rates on US General Services Administration Website.


Engineering Services: Simulations, Design, and Data Science